WATCH: While Mayor Lightfoot declares “Racism” a Public Health Crisis, Chicago Has Something Else On Mind

Democrats are fond of using euphemisms and idioms.

Facts and reality don’t matter to them…as long as the words fit their story.

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And right now, the left is frantically promoting “racism” as if it were a fire sale.

There’s a reason for this: they need to keep the county fully split if they want their voters to remain politically involved.

Right now, the Democrats have a lazy, Alzheimer’s patient claiming to be President of the United States, and his sidekick has Hillary Clinton’s likeability, so they need to create a lot of extra “angst” to keep the political fires going.

And it’s for this reason that leftists like Chicago Mayor Lightfoot are fanning the flames of “divide” in her city by calling “racism” a public health emergency.

Meanwhile, her gun-control city is a bloodbath, and she’s blaming it on “white supremacy.”

It’s completely insane.

Lori is also “celebrating” her city’s diversity by tweeting about the “Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade…”


This is what happens to a Puerto Rican couple driving a car with a flag on it:

You can see the video (caution graphic) below:

Radical communists like Lori Lightfoot and Bill de Blasio love to blame their failures on “racism” and “white supremacy.”

It’s far easier for them to have everyone hating white people than to look at what’s really ruining their cities: failed politicians who are more concerned with power and money than with serving the people of their cities correctly and respectfully.



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