WATCH: What Matt Gaetz Finally Spoke About Will Really Piss George Bush

Well, times are changing, and new waves are coming…

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But, what’s really obvious at this point is just how fast the RINOs are losing their power and authority.

The Republican party is MAGA, and I’m really glad that someone said it loud and clear. Especially glad that someone is Matt Gaetz. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but George Bush tried to “break and enter” once again when he saw a loose situation with President Trump’s false accusations. But now, Gaetz put him right in his place – out of business!


You said it, Matt!

Here are some of the comments from people online:

“Exactly right! Now it’s Patriots vs Uniparty/Marxists. There are only two sides….”

“I agree Matt!! NO MORE BUSH!!!!!!”

“I’m embarrassed to say I was fooled into voting for W. Shame on me!”

“They love China and China loves them too. One of the weakest Presidents in the entire history of America.”

“The Bush family are nothing but left-wing trash pretending to be conservatives. H.W., George W and little Jeb 3 of the dumbest, crooks in politics 🙄”

“The RINO is dead. Mission Accomplished.”


Ava Garcia

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