WATCH: What Kamala Faced in South Carolina Was Way Worse Than Guatemala…

It’s hard to think that a pair as despised as Kamala and Joe received 82 million valid votes.

Of course, the phony polls will tell you that Joe has a 767 percent approval rating, but do you trust them? Nobody in their right mind does.

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On the other hand, Kamala gets terrible approval ratings since she possesses Hillary Clinton’s “likeability.”

But I’m referring to “support-wise.”

Where have all the fans gone? Where are all the people who are watching their talks on the internet watching them?
What happened to all the social media chatter?

You will SEE/FEEL the enthusiasm in the country if you recently won the nation’s largest and most historic election with an unprecedented “80++ million votes.”

That is simply human behavior, and you cannot control or limit such movement… We don’t see any of that…anywhere.

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There isn’t a trace of it anywhere.

But let me tell you what we see…

We’re seeing a lot of “Pro-Trump” activity, energy, and enthusiasm…

Kamala keeps noticing it as well.

People hoisting pro-Trump flags and “Trump Won” banners, she witnessed it in Guatemala…

During her recent journey to South Carolina, Kamala witnessed a similar sight — only bigger.

The following is a link to a video:

Kamala saw all of the flags and heard the shouting from both sides of the street without a doubt.

There was a sizable crowd.

Despite this, there were no “Kamala backers?”

Aren’t those people supposed to outnumber Trump supporters?

After all, there were 82 million votes cast, right?

Allow me to take a breather.

The world is aware of what occurred in 2020, and I think Kamala is beginning to realize that everyone back home is aware of it as well…


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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