Watch What He Did In These 5 Seconds When The Carjackers Rolled Up

What will you do in a time of crisis? In a moment when you have to act before being sharp and think?

This reaction bumped into a lot of criticism.

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What would you do if you were pumping gas at a gas station and a van full of carjackers rolled up and several bad guys jumped out of the car and headed for your vehicle?

Let them take the vehicle, since it’s a materialistic possession that could be replaced?

Well, for one man in Chile, it meant dousing the bad guys and their van with a flood of gasoline.

And he didn’t stop until the bad boys ran away!

Watch the video:

Well, you can’t do this at a charging station, can you?”

“This was a super dangerous move. Look it was a split-second decision I get that, he used whatever he had literally at hand, so most likely instinctive rather than rational. But what I’m saying is that there is great danger in doing this. If someone on that van was smoking, most likely everyone would have died.”

“No bong hits on that ride home.”

“It’s good practice to always identify what items in your vicinity you can use to fight back.”

“I like the prolonged extra gas into the open door as they’re trying to get away. That’s my kind of spite.”

Tell us your reaction?

Positive or negative? Support this courage, or you think it’s a mad overreaction?

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