WATCH: What Happened to a Popular Seaside Hotel After Over 100 Afghan Migrants Stayed There

People have been complaining of rats, blood, excrement stains, and other nasty things at a once-popular beach hotel in Scarborough, England.

The slide at The Grand Hotel Scarborough looks to have hit a nadir this summer.

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According to sources, the hotel began accepting Afghan migrants at that time.

The refugees occupy the top two floors of the hotel, but guests who have paid to remain there while the migrants are there say there has been rioting, furniture shattering, and other disturbing activities.

Because of the chaos and violence, the hotel is now guarded by a “burly” security crew 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hotels, it appears, profit handsomely from the government by hosting refugees.

But here’s the kicker: according to a slew of internet reviews, when paying clients observe all the chaos and filth in the hotel’s public spaces and decide to leave and want a refund, the hotel staff chastises them and calls them “racists.”

The biggest concern appears to be the rambunctious refugee youngsters.

This is a strange report from Paul Joseph Watson, who, no matter what the subject, never fails to entertain.

The following is a link to a video:

Isn’t it wonderful how the left functions — and how they operate in every country? Communism is communism is communism is communism is communism is communism

You are not allowed to express your thoughts on anything…

You can’t complain about a hotel you’re paying for, a vaccine you’re getting, or an election you don’t agree with.

They expect you to just sit there and take it all in without saying anything…

You’re a bigot and a racist, you bigot.

The left uses language to manipulate people, and it succeeds. People are afraid of being classified as “bad,” therefore they conform.


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