[WATCH] WH Little “Trick” To Get Rid of Joe’s Embarrassing Blunders

Is the Obama administration rewriting history to make Joe Biden seem less stupid?

Some people are asking why Joe’s new gaffe during an event with Japan’s Prime Minister was cleverly cut out of an official White House video.

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As you are probably aware, Joe and Kamala humiliated the United States during the Japanese Prime Minister’s visit yesterday.

It all started when Joe was obviously too “sick” to come down and welcome the PM, so his clumsy and uncertain sidekick Kamala took over.

After Joe had been “fixed up” by his handlers, he met with the Prime Minister in the Rose Garden, where things got even weirder for a variety of reasons.

One instance in particular was when Joe seemed to be stumped as to what to name the Prime Minister.

Isn’t that annoying “childhood stutter” back?

The following is a link to a video:

However, this is where things start to get “crafty” and bizarre.

The Rose Garden remarks were broadcast live on the White House Twitter account, but Joe’s awkward gaffe has vanished.

You can see and hear the editing starting about the 5:26 mark and continuing until the 6:15 mark.

Here’s the link to the video:

Is this yet another installment of the bogus ‘Biden Show’ that we’re all witnessing?

But we’re told what we’re seeing and hearing isn’t actual, and many of us feel as if we’re being spoon-fed this “alternate reality,” in which Joe is this incredible, powerful, and completely commanding chief, rather than the shaky, weak, confused bozo we see without the “edits.”

Things like this have a name: propaganda, and countries like China and North Korea use it to indoctrinate their people – communists are just better at it…

They’re also likely to have better “masters” to deal with.


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