WATCH: Watch How an NBC Reporter Attempts to Cover Up the “F Joe Biden” Chant During a NASCAR Race

Kelli Stavast, an NBC sports reporter, just demonstrated to the world how far she will go to save Joe Biden from embarrassment.

It’s incredible to see “sports writers” get politicized and join the ranks of “fake news.”

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But that’s exactly what Kelli did during an interview with driver Brandon Brown during yesterday’s NASCA race.

While the interview was being broadcast LIVE, the audience began chanting “F Joe Biden.”

There’s no misunderstanding what it is — not even a glimmer of a doubt.

We’ve all heard the F Joe Biden chant hundreds of times by now; it’s become a national pastime with a distinct sound.

When the crowd began screaming “Let’s Go Brandon” during Kelli’s NASCAR interview, she swiftly went into “damage control” and claimed the crowd was yelling “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Please, give me a break…

What a ruse.

The following is a link to a video:

I also don’t believe Kelli was attempting to make up for a “dirty word” on national television.

If such was the case, she may just ignore the chant or speak up louder to divert attention away from it.

She wanted to offer cover for Joe Biden and prevent him from being publicly humiliated, in my opinion.

It didn’t help; in fact, she drew even more attention to it, exacerbating the problem.

It’s no longer possible for the media to hide it…

Joe Biden is unpopular in the United States.

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