WATCH: Vaccines are Leaky and Have a Short Shelf Life, According to Dr. Malone, the Inventor of mRNA Technology


“If you had Biden and Fauci in the same room one morning, you had two or three minutes to walk them through…”, says Steve Bannon. What would you say to them if you said, ‘Hey, folks, here’s exactly what we need to do for our country and our citizens.’

“It’s acceptable, it’s appropriate to continue vaccinating the high-risk patients, and they’re starting to deploy, so we’ll have to re-vaccinate them every six months now,” Dr. Malone says. This is due to the vaccinations’ leaky nature and short shelf life.

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We need to allow and begin deploying these drug combinations as soon as possible, repurposing pharmacological combinations that are already approved and are primarily anti-inflammatories. However, the Ivermectin data is becoming increasingly compelling. Ivermectin at 200 micrograms per kilogram, once day, has no negative effects and appears to be effective. So we need to go ahead and make those available, and the CDC must obviously get its act together and permit mass testing. It doesn’t have to be mandated testing, but it should make it easier for doctors’ offices and, ideally, individuals to receive quick tests to see if they’re afflicted with this virus rather than a rhinovirus or something else.

so that they may swiftly obtain these early agents, which are exactly what Tony claims he requires yet are already available in generic form. Unfortunately, big pharma cannot profit from them. However, that should not prevent us from saving lives.”

“Really rapidly, the key to the change that you’re suggesting is anti-inflammatory rather than treating the virus in about a minute and a half,” Steve Bannon says. Why is it necessary for our viewers to comprehend, as well as for Biden to comprehend?”

Dr. Malone: “This is an illness; the virus is required, but not sufficient, for the sickness to develop; the disease is your reaction to the virus. We have a large anti-inflammatory medication library that we use for a number of purposes. Anti-inflammatories are a terrific toolkit for clinicians to use to appropriately regulate the hyper-inflammatory response that arises. In addition, anticoagulants such as Apixaban and others are particularly efficient in treating a variety of disorders caused by coagulation issues.

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