WATCH: Unvaccinated Patients Will Not be Treated by a South Florida Doctor

Florida is located in the United States. A doctor in South Miami has stated that she will not treat patients who have not gotten the Covid vaccine in person.

Unvaccinated people are not allowed into Dr. Linda Marraccini’s office, according to NBC Miami, because they pose a risk to her immunocompromised patients.

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“I understand that people have the right to make their own decisions, but it bothers me when it impacts other people,” Dr. Linda Marraccini said.

The doctor wrote a letter to all of her patients informing them that they will no longer be served in person if they are unvaccinated.

“When it comes to other people’s safety, when it comes to the reality that it’s a global health concern and a community health problem, this is where the line in the sand for me is drawn,” Marraccini said.

Marraccini claims she is not breaking her Hippocratic Oath and that her decision is based on “science,” not politics.

Vaccinated persons, according to CDC Director Walensky, still transmit Covid, so there’s that.

“There have been millions of deaths around the world, so that’s not anything to dismiss. “It’s getting to the point where everyone knows someone who has died from COVID,” Marraccini added. “This is a situation that requires everyone’s assistance.”



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