WATCH: Tucker Identifies the Trump Appointee Who Collaborated With Biden’s Team to Cover Up Hunter’s Laptop Story

David C. Weiss is an attorney from the United States.

He is currently the United States Attorney for the United States District Court for the District of Delaware.

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He was selected by President Trump, and according to Tucker Carlson (and Politico), he was the one who ensured Hunter wouldn’t face charges over the contents of his laptop.

At the request of the Biden family and their attorneys, Mr. Weiss withheld the material.

What a treat for Joe and Hunter…

According to Politico, Mr. Weiss did not want to make it a “campaign issue.”

Of course he wouldn’t…

Was he also a part of “the plan”? It certainly sounds like it.

Did I also mention Biden’s decision to keep Mr. Weiss in his job?

That’s right, even though he’s been dismissing everyone else, Joe didn’t feel the need to fire this particular Trump appointee. This is the individual in charge of “investigating Hunter’s finances.”

What a coincidence – and what a great “prize” for all of Mr.Weiss’ shady dealings.

Joe may now keep a “buddy” at that office to ensure that no real probe into Hunter’s finances occurs.

Hunter can now concentrate on his five-hundred-thousand-dollar “artwork.”


“When you cover for a Democratic presidential campaign, you are…a sober-minded prosecutor,” Tucker stated in response.

He goes on to say that the FBI had the Hunter Biden laptop in their possession well before the 2020 election, and they did nothing – and they still haven’t done anything.


I’m starting to assume the marsh is entirely bottomless because it’s so deep.

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