[WATCH] Tucker Has Some Fun With Chelsea’s Attacks

Chelsea Clinton, the brilliant intellectual thinker, is at it again.

Chelsea has taken up the “vaccine torch” and is fighting the good fight – she’s now going around making sure that anyone who raises fair questions about this non-FDA-approved vaccine is silenced.

She’s such a sweet, obedient little communist.

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Chelsea is attempting to deplatform Tucker Carlson using the “vaccine” as an excuse.

She’s doing what any Democrat dictator does: she’s using COVID as a political tool to assert influence and control over the American people.

Tucker found out about Chelsea’s scheme and discussed it on his show last night, giving Chelsea all the love she deserves…which isn’t much.

Tucker literally bursts out laughing at one point, and who can blame him? Chelsea Clinton is one of the world’s densest people.

Remember when she asked if the picture of Abe Lincoln wearing a MAGA hat on Twitter was photoshopped?

Sorry, but this girl isn’t particularly bright.

Regardless of the chuckles over ding-a-ling Chelsea, Tucker made some excellent observations about the vaccine and the absolute buffoons in charge of our country’s “healthcare,” including Dr. Fauci, the king of all buffoons.

The following is a link to a video:


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