[WATCH] Tucker Carlson Now Turnes On Barack Obama….”Creepy Old Man”

On Monday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson used his show to slam Barack Obama, even going so far as to call him a “creepy old guy.”
Carlson made the remark in response to a recent NBC News PSA in which Obama urged Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
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“NBC is now airing PSAs (public service announcements) with its on-air talent requesting that everybody in the country get the shot, and you may have seen these. Carlson said, “Barack Obama just released this creepy little video telling small children to get the target.”

He then showed a clip from the PSA, which had previously aired.

“Hello, everybody, it’s Barack. According to Newsweek, Obama said, “Now that any American over the age of 16 is registered for the vaccine, I want to speak to you about having yours.” “The vaccine is safe, reliable, and completely free. I received one, Michelle received one, and people you meet received one. And now you can get one as well.”

He added, “It’s the only way we’ll be able to get back to all of the things we enjoy, from spending time with grandma to going to concerts to watching live sports.” “As a result, get the vaccine as soon as possible.”

Carlson retaliated by shaking his head in disgust and declaring Obama to be a “NBC on-air talent.”

The Fox News host went on to call the PSA “some weird old guy telling your children, your little kids to take medication whose results we don’t completely understand.” That’s perfectly normal; it happens all the time. Don’t think about it; just do it.”

Carlson then showed a CNN segment in which medical experts discussed how higher vaccination rates are linked to lower rates of community infection.

Carlson said, “As CNN recently clarified, we won’t get our freedom back until you [vaccinate your children].”



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