[WATCH] Tucker Carlson Destroys Asa Hutchinson’s Politcal Career in One Interview

Look no further than this video to see a charlatan politician’s future flushed down the toilet right before your eyes.

Asa Hutchinson, the anti-Trump governor of Arkansas, just vetoed a bill that would shield minors from chemical castration treatments.

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Thankfully, the Arkansas legislature intervened to prevent Hutchinson from carrying out his plan, but to make matters worse, he recently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show and vehemently defended his decision, citing his belief in “small government.”

Tucker, of course, stomped on this guy from every angle, crushing his case from every angle.

Watch the following video:

Hutchinson, whose veto was overridden by the Arkansas General Assembly on Tuesday, tried to argue that the bill — the country’s first of its kind — is “overbroad” and “serious” in nature, and that it does little to fix the “maybe less than 200 kids in Arkansas who are currently on hormone therapy.” “If this had just been a bill prohibiting ‘chemical castration,’ I would have signed it,” he said.

The Arkansas governor, who is not eligible to run for reelection in 2022 due to term limits, focused his case on the state intervening in private medical decisions.

“You vetoed a bill that would have shielded children from a life-altering, irreversible procedure — not adults, children, to whom a different norm applies,” he added. They’re too young to have children, but they’re old enough to be chemically castrated? “How exactly does that work?”

Hutchinson explained that his “reasoned” reasoning was an effort to “broaden the party” and “return to the values.”


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