WATCH: Tucker Calls Joint Chiefs Chair ‘Not Just a Pig, He’s Stupid’ in Video Following the General’s Defense of the Woke Military Agenda in Congress

General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has a question for Tucker Carlson: How can you catch “white rage”?

Milley became an immediate hero on the left and a source of confusion for everyone else after his answer during a House hearing on the military’s diversity training on Wednesday.

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“It is critical that we train and understand,” Milley said of the controversial training conducted under President Joe Biden’s administration. I want to understand white rage, and I want to comprehend it because I am white.”

“So, what prompted tens of thousands of people to storm this structure and attempt to overthrow the United States of America Constitution? “How did that happen?” He was referring to the Capitol incursion on January 6th.

“I want to find out, I want to keep an open mind here, and I want to evaluate it,” she says. It’s critical that we understand this because our soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines are all Americans, and it’s critical that our leaders today and in the future do as well.”

Here’s Dan Rather, the fake-document-peddler-turned-hero of #TheResistance, applauding Milley for his “unflinching” remarks rebutting “all those who are politicizing studies of race and injustice.”

Milley also defended critical race theory, a Marxist-influenced school of thought that claims America was created on a foundation of “systemic racism,” by claiming that he reads Marxists as part of his education, but that he is not a Marxist.

“I’ve read Mao Zedong’s writings. Karl Marx is someone I’ve read. I’m familiar with Lenin. Milley told the House Armed Services Committee, “That doesn’t make me a communist.”

“So, what’s wrong with comprehending, with having some situational awareness of the country we’re here to defend?” And I find it disgusting that we are criticizing the US military, including our general officers, commissioned officers, and noncommissioned officers, of being “woke.”

Carlson said Milley was “not just a pig, he’s stupid” on his Fox News broadcast Thursday, and that what he was ready to read to learn about “white wrath” revealed everything about how seriously he was taking it.
Carlson explained, “Mark Milley reads Mao to understand Maoism, and he reads communists to understand communism.” “However, he doesn’t read white supremacists to comprehend white supremacy, which is intriguing.

“Why not?” says the speaker. Go straight to the source. Because if Mark Milley reads those novels, he’ll be fired right away, and getting fired is the last thing he wants.”

The issue, according to Carlson, is that people like Milley read “about white wrath as if it’s completely true.” It’s a medical problem.”

Carlson began his statement by comparing academics’ fixation with the idea of “whiteness” to another pseudoscientific medical illness arising from racism.

“In 1851, a man named Samuel Cartwright proposed a rather sophisticated scientific explanation for why so many slaves in the American South were fleeing plantations,” Carlson explained.

“These escaped slaves were suffering from a medical condition,” Cartwright added. It was known as ‘drapetomania.’

It was a condition marked by a “uncontrollable or mad urge to wander.”

“So that was the issue,” says the narrator. It wasn’t that they despised being enslaved or desired for basic humanity and freedom. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no According to Samuel Cartwright, the problem was that black people were essentially flawed as a collective. They were a bunch of drapetomaniacs. They were continually attempting to flee.”

“Our medical specialists, law academics, military leaders, politicians, and cable news hosts have identified a new illness that they believe explains everything bad,” he explained. “It’s known as ‘whiteness.'”

Milley is just a man who knows what time it is to Carlson. Rather, it’s because “he is obedient.”

He’s well aware of who he should suck up to, and he’s more than willing to do so. If you give him a script, he’ll read it.”

This is significantly more important than any other aspect of the Biden administration. It’s ridiculous for the Department of Agriculture to expend resources to prevent the misgendering of bull-identifying cows, but in the end, it only wastes our money and gives Tucker Carlson something to talk about on his show tomorrow night.

The military, on the other hand, is responsible for safeguarding the US, its allies, and its foreign policy prerogatives both at home and abroad. Milley, the United States’ highest-ranking military general, supporting critical race theory, a worldview that claims the tree of American liberty is rotten and rooted in racist soil.

He’s effectively advocating an idea that America isn’t worth defending. And he’s standing up for you and me. Tonight, get some rest.


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