WATCH: Trump’s Reaction To Biden’s First Ever Press

I feel the shame of Biden just by reading this article…

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Have you ever been in a situation where someone is humiliated, but he kinda doesn’t get it, and you feel their shame like your own?

For me, this is that kind of a situation…

Biden’s first press happened 64 DAYS after he stepped into office.

You would’ve expected a grand opening, a Nobel-prize winning speech to be prepared in that time.

But, sadly, it was a disgrace.

“Nobody’s ever seen anything like it,” Donald Trump stated. But, not in a good way…

“Well, there were strange questions and they were asked in a very interesting way,” Trump continued. “It was like soft balls. Like you were throwing soft balls up. And it’s just a different world.”

“Nobody’s seen anything like it,” he said. “You know it. You know it better than anybody. You cover it so well. It’s very sad to watch, actually.”

“Actually, they’re feeding him questions,” he added. “They’re easy questions. I noticed Peter Doocey didn’t get to ask a question today. And there could be no difficult questions, and they’re ready to rip the microphone away if somebody did get a little bit testy.”

This was truly a “stunt press conference.”

And leaked photos showed that Biden was truly answering just the questions from selected reporters, as in the photos!!!

check it out on the link below

EXPOSED: Now We Know What Was On Notes Joe Biden Kept Looking At During His First Press Conference



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