[WATCH] Trump’s Funniest Clip of All Times

I’m not sure about you, but I’m missing President Donald Trump.

And I’m not just talking about politics, which goes without saying given that our entire country is on fire right now; in reality, with Dementia Joe at the helm, the entire world is in chaos.

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I’m not sure when or where this video came from – it looks like a “roast” of some kind – but when I saw it online, I thought you’d enjoy it regardless.

It’s not one I’ve seen before, but it’s unquestionably one of his strongest.

Despite the fact that he drops a major F-bomb, I think it’s still worth watching…

It’s all Trump, all the time!

The following is a link to a video:


Yet Trump’s distinct and unmistakable sense of humor is also missed.

President Trump has a brilliant sense of humor, and his razor-sharp insights never fail to make us laugh.

One of the aspects that makes Trump so funny is his self-deprecating humor. He doesn’t take himself seriously and makes jokes about himself, such as about his hair, which is apparently everyone’s favorite subject.

That’s where this video clip comes in – Trump is talking about his hair and comparing it to a “wet raccoon,” which is hilarious.


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