WATCH: Trump Lashes Out at the Arizona Audit, Ashli Babbitt, the Rigged Election, and Chris Wallace

President Donald Trump appeared on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo this morning and, as usual, said nothing but the truth. He discussed Georgia election fraud, the Arizona audit, the January 6th probe, Ashli Babbitt, and Chris Wallace.

“In Georgia, there was both an audit and a statewide recount affirming Biden’s victory, but evidence that over 35,000 Georgians had probably voted illegally was ignored in the process,” according to a recent piece in The Federalist.

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“The Federalist has 35,000 votes, which is way more, many times more, than we need to win that state,” Trump said. However, Georgia has a lot more to offer. Georgia was so corrupt, so incredibly corrupt, that nothing like it had ever been seen before. You’ve got a Secretary of State and a Governor who aren’t doing anything about it, and they need to get on it.”

“Arizona has been fantastic. It has been taken seriously by the state senators. This election was a landslide victory for us.

They’re conducting an audit, a forensic audit unlike anything you’ve ever seen in this country. They’ll be announcing the findings soon. They’re the ones who do it. That is not something I do. Those are outstanding patriots. The results of that audit will be announced in the next two or three weeks, Maria, according to what I’ve heard. And I imagine that would be a nightmare. But we’ll have to wait and see. Perhaps it will be fantastic. We’ll see what happens; it’s a significant deal. This is done by state senators who looked and observed and said, “Wow, we’re being conned!”

Take a look at Pennsylvania, where an audit is underway…”

“This election was a landslide victory for us. This election was rigged, and the people aren’t going to stand for it.”


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