[WATCH] Tom Cotton Absolutely Smashes Poor CNBC Reporter Over GA Voter Bill

Over the last four years, the fake news media and Democrats have spread a lot of misinformation.

But nothing compares to the Georgia voter bill…

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It’s such a brazen set of shameless lies and a twisted nest of deceptively constructed misinformation that it’s really very stunning.

With this GA voter bill, I believe the media and the left have reached the “gold standard” in false news.

And it was none other than Stacey Abrams and Bumbling Joe Biden who started this disinformation campaign.

And now that the Georgia economy has taken a hit and the nation is more divided than ever, Republicans must take to the airwaves to correct the lies that Abrams and Biden began.

Senator Tom Cotton, for example, did just that.

Cotton made an appearance on CNBC, where he totally droppedkicked this poor misinformed CNBC reporter and educated him on the true facts regarding the Georgia voter bill.

And he did it with his normal calm, cool, and collected attitude.

Cotton remained calm, cool, and composed as the anchors flung left-wing talking points at him about how the legislation was designed to address issues that opponents claim didn’t exist, how it allegedly made handing food and water to voters in line a misdemeanor crime, and how it allegedly made voting access more difficult for Georgians.

Cotton debunked each assertion made by the anchors one by one, but it seemed like he took particular pleasure in debunking any attempted “gotcha” statement made by co-anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin, with whom Cotton has previously sparred (and won).

We have a few clips to share, including this one in which Sorkin tries to pin Cotton on the fact that the number of absentee ballot drop boxes in some places has declined in comparison to last year. Cotton responded by explaining that last year’s drop boxes were not a “longstanding tradition of American election law.”

Instead, he pointed out that they were put there last year at the height of the pandemic, when many people were afraid to vote in person. He also noted that Georgia law now requires the use of drop boxes in all Georgia counties, with one box for every 100,000 voters.

He told Sorkin that voters could either go into the clerk’s office to drop off a ballot or simply place it in their mailbox. Cotton, on the other hand, cited President Biden’s home state of Delaware, which has “just 5 drop boxes.” Cotton says that the state of New York does not use drop boxes at all. Cotton then speculated about whether the MLB would relocate its headquarters out of state as a result of the “issue”:


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