WATCH: To Be Allowed In School, Fauci Admits He Wants To Force Your Children To Take The Experimental Jab

Tony Fauci is a sick little man.

Before clinical studies are completed, he wants all children to be forced to take untested medications intravenously.

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He has declared as much, maybe not quite in those words, but the gist is the same.

Take a look and hear for yourself:

Jake Tapper (interviewer): The Culver City Unified School District in California was the first in the United States to require immunizations not only for teachers and staff, but also for eligible students aged 12 and up. Would you like to see the Pfizer vaccination required for schools in other parts of the US now that it has received full FDA approval? And what happens once it’s approved for children under the age of 12? Should they be required to do so?

Tony Fauci (to Tony Fauci): I know there will be a lot of pushback, but if you obtain the FDA’s seal of approval for the safety and strong benefit-to-risk ratio for children, when that is established, which I believe it will, it will be a game changer.

What happened to adhering to scientific principles?

If clinical studies aren’t completed, the data is incomplete… Now he wants to FORCE children to participate in his science project.

We frequently wonder how this man keeps his job and why anyone believes his counsel is trustworthy.

Here’s what others are saying about it…

“when will he be arrested for mass genocide?”

“Fauci has no clue what he’s talking about. His entire existence revolves around stealing money from taxpayers. I hope to see his entire gene pool erased”

“He’s just out for fame money to tell lies .A true Dr. takes a vow to do no harm. He’s doing the same thing as before”

“Doesn’t he have enough blood on his hands? They’re our kids, our responsibility. He let a lot of people die during the aids crises. Fire him !!!!!!!!!”

“Fauci has no soul. He uses all living things to research that fascinates him as a scientist. The world is his lab and we are all his guinea pigs.”

“does Fauci’s cruelty ever end? he’s demonic”

“Abuse children, butcher babies, torture dogs. These people have no souls”

“He has to arrested, tried in a military court and hung for crimes against humanity!”

“Everything Fauci is involved in is simply sinister and wrong. Why is he in charge of anything!”

“Fauci is a monster. Last person that should be lecturing U.S. He and his backers must be stopped.”

“He is killing humans with human fetal tissue research”

“There’s a special place in HELL for Flip Floppin’ Fauci.”

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