WATCH: This Swine Flu Vaccination Clip From A 1976 “60 Minutes” Piece Has Gone Viral

If you were an adult in 1976 and remember the Swine Flu, you remember the frenzy and hype surrounding the virus and vaccination.

If not, you can read about it, which I have done a lot of since this COVID thing has gotten so out of hand.

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I learnt a lot and saw that Swine and COVID had a lot of parallels, especially when it came to the vaccine.

And one thing that happened with the Swine Flu vaccine was that it had to be withdrawn at some point because it was linked to Guillain-Barré Syndrome and people were dying from it. Although the exact number of people who died from the vaccine is unknown, it is likely far less than the “official” figure.

I watched it, and I’m glad I did, because the “energy” I detected in this clip is very similar to what we’re seeing today.

It has a “history repeating” vibe about it.

The only difference is that Mike Wallace (disgraced Chris Wallace’s father) acted like a journalist seeking for truth and facts back in 1976.

That isn’t something you see very often these days.

The following is a link to a video:

Here are some of the responses from the internet:

“Crazy how people let history repeat itself!!”

“Everything the government does is a test run for the next time.”

“I got the swine flu shot because it was mandatory for military overseas; was so sick could not get out of bed for a week. Had a mild case of flu a year later but never got another flu shot or been sick in the 45 years since.”

“History definitely repeating itself! I’m concerned about this new mandate, as I know their ultimate goal. I worry for my family. If I go, it’s my time. I just can’t bear the pain of anything happening to my family members. I pray to God daily for strength.”

“That’s the difference between journalists actually doing their job and the farce we have now”

Why doesn’t anyone talk about or study natural immunity in relation to all of this COVID stuff and the vaccine?

Biden has never mentioned it or discussed it. Why?

Nobody ever brings it up, despite the fact that it seems like one of the most logical topics to discuss. That strikes me as strange…and I’m sure it makes others feel the same way.

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