WATCH: The “White Suremacy” Biden Was Talking About, Through The Words Of Andy Ngo

Reported Andy Ngo unravels the Antifa demographics…

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The independent reporter, andy Ngo talked in public about his personal experience with the Antifa molesters, that almost killed him running after him in the streets in broad daylight…

“Andy Ngo spoke at the Western Conservative Summit earlier this month about what can be learned from more than a year’s worth of arrest data on riots in the US. Jeff Hunt asked Ngo if the images of arrestees show the “white supremacy Joe Biden has been talking about? They all seem to have one color there.”

“So you noticed the demographic makeup,” Ngo said of the sea of white faces in mug shots of those arrested at riots. “Portland has had a year now of riots, more than 1,000 arrestees, and you can actually get data off of that, off of those people who have been booked last year and this year.”

“Unsurprisingly,” Ngo said, “the majority of them are white. Most of them are young, in their 20s and early 30s.” He showed graphic images of violence caused by Antifa, using them to “show that this ‘idea’ manifests itself in violence and sometimes deadly violence.”

“I was demonized and ignored,” he told Hunt, “and we had 120 days of riots last year in Portland after George Floyd died. It was the longest of the riots in any city in America, and it became deadly.”


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