WATCH: The Most Legendary Mark Levin Rant EVER!

At least, the most legend out of the ones that have been video recorded.

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Mark Levine has never minced his words – and we are all completely aware of that. He’s a poet, a tender writer, that can slam you with kind words. That can say you’re an idiot without using the actual word. He is a master.

Enough of that – here’s his words on Biden.

Joe Biden is the most disastrous president in modern American history. I don’t care if it’s by design or by the fact that he’s dim-witted, it doesn’t much matter to me.

This street politician from Bloomington Deleware – the dumbest man to ever serve in the senate, the dumbest man to ever be vice president is now the dumbest man to ever be president. He’s got a massive ego, he’s a narcissist, he wants to go down in history as the greatest president. He’s gonna go down in history as the greatest disaster.”

And let me tell you that this is just the beginning!

Watch the complete video and his legendary statement below:

Newt Gingrich has also made a remarkable statement earlier, stating that Joe Biden is trying to replace the Americans with “illegal immigrants”.



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