WATCH: The Man Who Assaulted Ashli Babbitt is Now Being Played By President Trump

With his latest focus on the January 6th assassination of his unarmed supporter Ashli Babbitt, President Trump has put the internet and the country on fire.

Ashli was a US veteran who was shot in the neck within the Capitol building on January 6th.

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The medical examiner ruled her death a “homicide” for the first time.

Despite this, we have yet to learn the identity of her assailant. It was a Capitol Police officer, according to reports, and we have video of his “hand” pointing the gun.

Officials refuse to divulge his name, despite the fact that he was a black man wearing a french-cuffed shirt and a nice jewellery.

According to the internet, they’ve figured out who it is.

Online sleuths believe it’s Lieutenant Michael Byrd, a man who was once accused of leaving his loaded firearm in a public restroom.

He has the reputation of being a “excellent cop.”

However, as I have indicated, no official news on who killed Ashli has been released.

But it isn’t going to stop President Donald Trump. He’s now “toying” with the shooter, as well as the Democrats.

He’s not afraid of anything.

“By the way, who shot Ashli Babbitt?” President Trump remarked at a rally in Sarasota on Saturday night. Who was the assailant of Ashli Babbitt? Who? Who was the assailant of Ashli Babbitt? The hand was visible to all of us. The gun was visible. They no longer want to reveal the name, but it is widely known. People are aware of his origins.”

The following is a link to a video:

The Capitol Police Department announced that the matter had been closed and that no charges would be filed against the officer who shot her.

Sorry, but it will not suffice.

The citizens of the United States have a right to know who killed Aashli Babbitt and why an unarmed American was shot.

Her family, moreover, has a right to know what happened to her that day.

So it’s a good thing President Trump is calling her out, as well as the Democrats’ politicization of the situation.



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