WATCH: The Chilling Warning From Senator Rand Paul About What’s Going Down In Wuhan Lab At the Very Moment

Senator Rand Paul warned the Americans about the Wuhan lab and the entire research about the gain-of-function research.

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In his most recent interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro, he discussed mostly the topic of gain-of-function and what it truly represents, as well as his thoughts and analysis on the origin of the COVID 19.

“Gain-of-function is basically when you have an animal virus that normally just infects animals, and you somehow mutate it or force it to evolve so it can affect humans. So it’s making it more transmissible to humans, and oftentimes making it more dangerous or deadly to humans.”

“I’ll give you an example. In 2004, there was a virus, a coronavirus called SARS. It killed a bunch of people; it had a 15 percent mortality.”

“In the Wuhan lab, they were studying this SARS virus, and they were putting more proteins on it to make it more infectious to humans.”

“That’s gain-of-function. That’s dangerous. And that may be how this (COVID-19) virus started. And so, I’m very worried that this stuff’s still going on, and that the US government is funding it.”

Watch it here:


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