WATCH: Texas Nurse Fired Over Refuse Of Vaccination!

The medical workers know best – she had the absolute right to defend her choice and her knowledge!

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Not just the medical workers- everybody should be given the choice whether to get vaccinated or not, since, as we know, the vaccines are not fully tested yet, many unwanted effects develop after vaccination, and, on the other hand, the effect of the vaccine is not everlasting.

Despite all of the mentioned, a Texas nurse was fired, after choosing not to get vaccinated, despite all the unbearable pressure she had to put up with during her last working days…

Michelle Fuentes was working as a nurse at Houston Methodist for 10 years. After being fired because refusing to get vaccinated for COVID 19, she decided to tell her side of the story for KRIV-TV.

“I knew that the date was looming over my head of me to get the vaccine and we were constantly being pressured and pressured,” Michelle Fuentes said.

“And I said, ‘Well, I don’t have a religious exemption. I’m not doing this for religious reasons,’ and she said, ‘I know, but we’ll help you fill it out, and at least this will save your job,’” Fuentes claims. “So, because I don’t have a religious reason and it’s a personal reason, my beliefs and my feelings aren’t as worthy as someone who has a religious reason?”

She had willingly shown results that she has antibodies, meaning, she has recovered from the COVID 19, and she never, on any occasion, refused to wear a mask or has taken her mask away…

Despite all being said, despite the following result from a study examining the T-cells responses in COVID 19 cases, that showed that“T cell immunity after natural infection shown to include variants,” she was expelled and her working contract was terminated…

According to the study, why would this person, who recovered from the virus,  need to get a vaccine ?!


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