WATCH: Taliban Says They Will Not Extend the US Withdrawal Deadline Past August 31 – Threatens Biden Regime, “Complete the Evacuations by August 31 or Face Consequences”

The Taliban said today that the US exit deadline of August 31 will not be extended.
Now it’s the terrorists who are in charge.

They’re banking on Joe Biden and the Democrats leaving tens of thousands of Americans and sympathizers in the nation.

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According to Reuters:

Two Taliban sources told Reuters on Monday that the Islamist group will not extend an August 31 deadline for Western soldiers to leave Afghanistan.

According to the reports, no Western government or person has approached the Taliban to request an extension of the deadline.

On Sunday, this was the sight at the airport.



Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen agreed to speak with Sky News in Doha and gave a strong warning. He told Sky News that if the US delays its exit from Afghanistan, there will be “consequences.”


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