WATCH: Take A Look At What Happened To Jim Acosta Today When He Went To The Border with Trump

Today, President Trump and Governor Gregg Abbott traveled to the tumultuous border.

And, unlike Kamala, President Trump did not go to the “safe part” near the airport…

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As any good leader should be, President Trump was right in the midst of things.

Trump analyzed Biden and Kamala’s mess and raised a crucial question that no one else in the media has questioned: Does Biden really favor open borders, or is he just incompetent?

Because it’s either one or the other here, and both are bad for America’s future as a sovereign nation.

Although, in my opinion, the answer is both.

This is why Trump recommended that Biden take a “cognitive test,” which he doubted he would pass.

That is self-evident – but any “test” Biden would take would be rigged to make him look to be the most mentally fit man on the planet.

With this phony administration, that is the “drill.”

President Trump, on the other hand, hit it out of the park. It was a fantastic trip, and Trump exuded power and leadership, qualities that have been sadly absent in this country since his removal from office.

One of the highlights of the trip was when CNN’s biggest showboating clown, Jim Acosta, attempted to shout a question on January 6th (of all things) at President Trump, and the entire crowd (mainly congressional members) drowned him out with a chorus of loud booing.




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