WATCH: Sunny Hostin, The Left-Wing Co-Host Of “The View,” Should Be Fired For What She Just Said…

Sunny Hostin, a leftist co-host on ABC’s “The View,” stated on Wednesday’s broadcast that her friends and family are buying weapons to fight “white supremacy,” not because of the nationwide increase in crime.

Hostin added, “A lot of my friends and family members have begun to purchase firearms, they’ve begun gun training, and I think a lot of it has to do with the increase in violence against Black people.”

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This is total Democrat/Deep State propaganda, and it is completely false.

This insane woman should be fired immediately for disseminating such dangerous nonsense.

“If you listen to FBI statistics, FBI Director [Christopher] Wray testified that White supremacy is the greatest threat in the United States,” Hostin stated. “And who are the victims of White supremacy?” you might wonder. They’re mostly African Americans, therefore I believe that’s why you’re seeing more African Americans owning firearms now… the Second Amendment applies to everyone.”

Wray claimed in 2019 that the threat of “White supremacists, violent extremism, or another sort of extremism is of course significant,” but according to Fox News, America’s largest cities have recently experienced an assault of high-profile shootings unconnected to White supremacy. For example, from 6 p.m. Friday to midnight Sunday, Chicago had 38 shooting occurrences, 54 shooting victims, and eight murders.

During the same broadcast, Joy Behar, Hostin’s co-host, made an outlandish claim about former President Donald Trump being to blame for the rise in crime.

“Well, you know, I’m old enough to recall several decades when crime was at an all-time high,” Behar explained. “I was terrified to go out at night, you know. You were concerned about being mugged in New York City, right? And then I have another fascinating fact here: crime in the United States has consistently declined from 1993 to 2019 — a period during which I was not afraid to go out. Since Clinton, every president has inherited a dropping crime rate, which has continued to decline until Trump came along.”

She went on to say, “Trump presided over the largest surge in crime in modern American history.” “The murder rate increased by 26%, and mass shootings increased. During his administration, hate crimes increased by more than 20%. Now, I’m not blaming him for everything, but he did spend four years glorifying crime. They claim to be the party of law and order, yet all I see is more criminality coming from that administration, which seems to let everyone off the hook. As a result, I believe it should be taken into account in this discussion.”

Watch the entire segment below.


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