WATCH: Subpoena Issued For Election Supervisor, After She’s Caught On Video Moving Suitcases Around In Counting Room After Media, Election Observers Were Sent Home

The November 2020 elections were wrong, analyze it from whichever aspect you may want!

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In many “swinger” states, the winner was President Donald Trump…right after the “crazy morning hours”… All of a sudden, basement-campaigning Joe Biden won in all of the states where there was a battle and a tight result. Probably while the counters of the ballots were taking a break. It is obvious, but they’re good at manipulating and hiding traces.

However, the truth shall not be kept forever.

According to the report published by 100 Percent Fed Up,

In Fulton County, GA, the counting of ballots was stopped when it was announced that a water main break in the State Farm Arena.

Fulton County Registration chief Ralph Jones and his team of “election workers” told elections observers to leave the counting room over an alleged water main break in the facility at 6 am.

Ralph Jones told local Atlanta news channel 11Alive that a water main broke at the State Farm Arena.”

“After election observers and media left the absentee ballot counting room in the State Farm Arena, election workers began to pull suitcases out from under tables and wheeled them over to the tables where ballots were being tabulated by workers.”

Watch the CCTV video below, to understand the whole situation even better:

There are many suspicions about this. And with total right! Since the Democrats have done anything in their power to interrupt, stop, and undermine the audits.

Here’s one suspicious guy – Georgia Republican Party Chair David Shafer, saying they might be “shutting down the tabulation center at State Farm Arena at 10:30 PM on election night only to continue counting ballots in secret until 1:00 AM.

However, it eventually turned out that the whole problem was a urine leak in the man’s bathroom.

And now, Andrea Shay Moss, the daughter of Ruby Freeman, from the infamous video that Facebook fact-checkers worked overtime to debunk, has been issued a subpoena.


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