WATCH: Sonny Borrelli: The Proof Is Given To AG Brnovich For Investigation! MSM PsyOp Want To Demoralize Americans!

AZ State Senator Sonny Borrelli shared the next step of AZ Audit and the psychological warfare in the 2020 election.

Maricopa County Layer Tom Liddy was the one who leaked the draft audit report, giving the data before the official audit report was released. The MSM perpetuated the PSyOp against the Americans and shared the Biden-won story based on the hand count ballots.

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You have to know that the illegal votes don’t count! The purpose was to demoralize people, Fake News Bret Baier did it on election night, declaring Biden’s victory while people were still waiting to vote.

The margin of AZ victory was less than ½ %.

The truth is that alarming proof of possible illegal votes happened.

Evidence has been referred to the AZ AG’s office, and he started the preliminary investigation. The AZ State

Senator Sonny Borrelli was on Outside the Beltway with John Fredricks to share the truth and expose the story:

Borrelli: All the evidence is being turned over to the State Attorney General for criminal investigation, and or hopefully, criminal prosecution, because people need to be prosecuted for this. We’ve identified three individuals already. Their names are being withheld right now because everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but we also want to protect them anyways just in case you know they commit suicide or they disappear or whatever. But that’s been turned over the law enforcement, i.e. the attorney general, what we have here is an ongoing conspiracy of a cover-up has been perpetrated by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and the Secretary of State’s office, and perpetuated by the fake news mainstream media. And what they’re conducting now is more of a propaganda blackout operation where they’re blocking out, blacking out all facts of what the audit was, all of the results. And they’re involved in a propaganda PsyOp. they’re putting out misinformation, disinformation to do numerous things to distract and distort the truth, and to also demoralize everybody to think that “oh hey so over this was a fail. Failure. The audit was a complete failure and said nothing burger. That’s why they do it on a Friday.” You know, here’s the funny thing. The Press got a hold of a partial incomplete draft of the audit report, which is ridiculous. And the county attorney Mr. Liddy, he released it to the newspapers, so he released that information to the to the media, so that way they can have their own narrative already built up in the can, so that way they can start out, hammering in on Thursday night and then Friday. So they can already, you know, get their message out that “Biden won. The numbers didn’t change. Matter of fact, Biden gain more more votes in through the audit.” The audit team was not there to determine a winner or loser, They’re just supposed to report the data.

The Government didn’t share the info approved media because they couldn’t hide the Big Lie!

Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan revealed that the fake data circled and was spread by someone with the same plan.

Mike Brnovich contact!


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