WATCH: Something Fell Out of Biden’s Pocket, and the Internet Has Hilarious Theories…

The good news is that Joe Biden did not fall three times while ascending the Air Force One steps.

Have you observed that he doesn’t try to “jog” up the stairs any longer? He’s now going up very slowly, as though he’s paying close attention to every step.

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Every time he goes up, I’m sure his Handlers hold their breath.

The bad news is that something dropped out of his pocket when he was climbing the stairs.

Now, I don’t know what it was – no one does at this moment – but the theories about what it could have been are really amusing.

It appears to bounce a little… What else could it be, though? Let’s see what people are saying on the internet:

“It was the toilet paper with which his butt has been wiped”

“His last brain cell”

“His answers to Press questions.”


“A piece of paper that has his name, address, and emergency contact if he wanders off.”

“Hunters Crack pipe?”

“He dropped the note that was meant to remind him to duck before entering the airplane door.”

“It’s a prescription bottle”

“The spare battery pack. All robots have one.”

“Looks like a bag of crack for Hunter.”

“Part of his depends diaper?”

I think they’re all wonderful concepts, but my favorite is the “Hunter crackpipe.”

But, if I had to guess, I’d say medication of some sort….although, given his “weak” state of mind, I’m not sure Joe can be trusted to take his own meds.

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