[WATCH] Senator From Pennsylvania Observed AZ Audit

With the Arizona audit, things are really heating up.

Despite constant criticism from the left, the audit is still moving forward at full speed and producing fantastic results.

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And it appears that things are about to get even more fascinating, as Republican Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano recently visited the facility in Arizona and provided Steve Bannon with some stunning revelations.

Pennsylvania Senators Doug Mastriano and Cris Dush, as well as Representative Rob Kauffman, are the most recent visits. Before driving to the audit location for a briefing from the auditors, they met with Arizona legislators at the Capitol.

Mastriano told a radio host from WEEO-FM, “We’ll bring the information back to the Senate leadership, we’ll back-brief them on the path forward, and then maybe we can come up with a solution here to make sure every voter in Pennsylvania can rest comfortable they have one vote and it matters.”

The Pennsylvania legislators and other members of their delegation spent around 20 minutes on the arena floor, counting and photographing ballots. Cyber Ninjas’ leader, Doug Logan,

Mastriano spoke to conservative media groups thereafter, but avoided journalists from the Associated Press and other mainstream news organizations.

When asked if he wanted the Arizona audit mirrored in Pennsylvania, Dush replied, “Without a doubt.” Without a doubt.”

This is exactly what we’re looking for!


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