WATCH: Russian TV Says They Have “Real” Footage on A Clip Of Joe and Jill

There’s a video flying around of Joe Biden in England, appearing to be lost in a “café.”

He gets asked a question about how his meeting went by what most imagined was a reporter at the time.

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Biden, who appeared dazed and confused once more, had to ask the individual to repeat themselves and then wandered away, only to be caught by a “handler” who I initially mistook for a handler, but it turned out to be Jill. It was difficult to determine who it was at first, but according to rt.com:

Before his wife stepped in and dragged him out, US President Joe Biden was observed strolling about a cafe in Cornwall, England. The footage was “difficult to see,” according to conservatives who have long questioned Biden’s mental soundness.

Biden is seen going slowly onto a cafe patio in video footage shared online on Friday, but mostly overlooked by the mainstream media. “How are your meetings in Cornwall going?” inquires someone on the patio, most likely an ITV journalist. Biden suddenly comes to a halt, flashes a thumbs-up, and says, “Very excellent.”


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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