WATCH: Reporter Peter Doocy With Another Nightmare Round of Questions For Psaki

The hysteria spread out by Biden’s administration on COVID had a huge impact on the economy, lifestyle, and deaths across the entire territory.

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While we are struggling to discover what’s real and not, White House correspondent Peter Doocy is here to ease those efforts.

He decided to ask Press Secretary Jen Psaki why hasn’t the administration delivered on its promise to provide at-home testing at no cost.

On Monday, Doocy, who recently returned to the White House after testing positive for COVID-19, asked, “I heard the president say, ‘Google COVID tests near me.’ So, as somebody isolating with COVID, I did that. And the appointments everywhere were completely jammed. So, why is it that you guys were so unprepared for the need for testing after the holidays?”

Psaki avoided answering, pointing out everything that Biden’s government “had accomplished”.

“I would just note where we have come from. If you look to a year ago there were no tests, or maybe one depending on the timeline, that was available on the market. Now we have nine. If you look to about a year ago, there was about 900,000 or maybe slightly higher tests that were being issued every day. Now we’re about 10 or 11 million. 300 million tests are done in this country every month. So there’s enormous progress being made.”

Not satisfied with her answer, Doocy pressed harder, “You guys said you were going to mail free tests to people that need them. The president’s there on television talking about a ‘winter of severe illness and death.’ While he’s saying that publicly, why weren’t you guys doing more to prepare for the winter?”

While Psaki listed off a range of options for COVID-19 testing, which included Americans buying their own, Doocy added, “At the rate you guys are going, these tests are not going to be available until spring, so will you admit that these free tests you guys promised are not going to be ready until after the omicron surge?”

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