WATCH: Rad Paul Is Targeting Fauci With His Next Move

Since the truth is revealed, and no one is being blamed still – this is a brilliant move.

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Even since the start of the whole COVID 19 crisis, many people were shocked by his behavior and the ways he shifted from one “professional” opinion to another. And now, it is even clearer why he was doing that and just how badly he is corrupted.

And that’s why Sen. Rand Paul just blamed him for the whole coronavirus pandemia!

He was clearly involved in Wuhan laboratory experimentation, directly funding the whole process…. Which is “gain of function.”

According to the report published by Revolver News on the exact same matter,

“But this new research wasn’t just about bats. It went deeper and darker than that. As a matter of fact, Dr. Fauci was among the first to fund the controversial gain-of-function ferret research in Wuhan, China. Fauci was so committed to the controversial work that back in 2011 he wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post, entitled, “A Flu Virus Risk Worth Taking,” where he vigorously defended gain-of-function research.

But something very interesting took place right before Obama’s moratorium on gain-of-function took effect.

Dr. Fauci had commissioned a study to assess the risk of new coronaviruses emerging from wild animals. Fauci wanted to see what viruses could infect animals and humans. The directive behind the research and written in the project summary was gain-of-function manipulation.

But the Obama admin was getting cold feet about the program.

While many in the scientific community (like Fauci) were very excited by gain-of-function research, the more popular it became, the more scrutiny it received, and significant security issues were being raised. Eventually, the controversy got to be too much and in 2014 the United States pulled the plug.”

And still, there are no official claims nor any other kind of punishment for Dr. Fauci…


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