[WATCH] Quite a Few People Think This Clip From Jan 6th is a Clue

The 6th of January was a lot of stuff, but it wasn’t a “violent insurgency.”

There has been a lot of false news about the Capitol building brawl – like anything else in this country, the event was utterly distorted and politicized by Democrats, the media, and the GOP establishment who were trying to wipe President Trump off the map for good.

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It was a complete failure.

For a long time, reports of cops being hit in the head with fire extinguishers circulated in the mass media. Our brave elected officials were reduced to quivering piles of goo, thinking their lives were over, because Trump supporters “killed” people at the Capitol “insurgency,” and were so dangerous and nasty, we were told.

In fact, the Capitol Police were the only ones who were armed. If half of the police were fighting demonstrators, the other half were plating “tour guide” and allowing MAGA supporters to walk around like tourists.

The largest and most heartbreaking tragedy of the day was the shooting and killing of Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt by an unidentified federal police officer, who was never charged despite the fact that her death was classified as a “homicide” by the Medical Examiner.

A eerie 19-second video taken just before Ashli was shot and killed is offering online sleuths a reason to keep looking into the event.

About the “phantom fed” who shot Ashli, the person who posted it online, who goes by the name “Michael Moore,” said: “At this point, he’d made up his mind to shoot someone. He simply hadn’t chosen the right person yet.”

However, the cuff on the shooter’s shirt is something that a lot of people are talking about in this video.

And I mean a lot of people – if you search “Cuff Babbitt” on social media, you’ll get a lot of results.

That is not a typical Capitol Police officer’s uniform. The cuff is a French cuff, and the guy is also wearing a bracelet.

Despite the fact that Ashli’s uniform is far from “normal,” we’ve been led to believe she was shot by a Capitol Police officer.

The following is a link to a video:


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