WATCH: Psaki Just Repeated A Lie That Was Confirmed By A Newspaper To Be False!

Biden has made it clear that he would do anything in his power to block the new voting reform measures…

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And, after being questioned why he opposes them since they obviously want to prevent the November 2020 “irregularities” during the press conference, he answered the following:

“What I’m worried about is how un-American this whole initiative is. It’s sick. It’s sick … deciding that you’re going to end voting at five o’clock when working people are just getting off work,” the president said, according to a White House transcript of his remarks.

Biden the very next day retailed the new Georgian law reform announcements, “Among the outrageous parts of this new state law, it ends voting hours early so working people can’t cast their vote after their shift is over.”

And he earned “Four Pinocchios” for a “reality check” of these misleading comments by no one else than The Washington Post.

And, on a press conference held on the 1st of April – on April Fools day – Psaki made a total fool of herself!

Fox Business correspondent, Ed Lawrence explained about Georgia’s current election law, asking further if there was going to be a correction.

She explained.

At the White House’s daily press conference on Thursday, April 1, Fox Business correspondent Ed Lawrence explained Georgia’s current election law and asked Psaki about it. “Is there going to be a correction? … Is the tone going to change out of the White House?”

“The tone for a bill that limits voting access and makes it more difficult for people to engage in voting in Georgia?” she said, repeating the lies that Biden had just been publicly criticized about. By a huge, respected newspaper! 

Lawrence interjected and corrected her, “No, that’s actually not what the governor of Georgia has said.”

“Well, I think that is not based in fact, what the governor of Georgia has said,” Psaki said. “So, no, our tone is not changing. We have concerns about the specific components of the package, including the fact that it makes it harder and more difficult for people to vote by limiting absentee options, by making it not viable — not possible for people to provide water to people who are in line, by not standardizing longer hours, so if you’re making it harder to vote, no we don’t support that.”

“[The law] standardizes the ending of voting every day at five, right?” Psaki asked. “It just gives options. It gives options to expand it, right, but it standardized it at five. It also makes it so that outside groups can’t provide water or food to people in line, right? It makes it more difficult to absentee votes, are those things all correct?”

And my question her is whether Praski is repeating Biden’s lies, or is it the other way around?!


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