WATCH: President Trump Condemns the Heinous Hacking of FOX News

This morning, President Trump appeared on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to address his lawsuit against far-left tech companies and the Maricopa County audit in Arizona.

When the Arizona audit results are disclosed in the coming weeks, President Trump claimed they would find something “horrendous.”

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While speaking with Maria Bartiromo on FOX News about criminal Hunter Biden and the Biden Crime Family, President Trump took a shot at liberal hack Chris Wallace of FOX News.

President Donald Trump: He doesn’t know anything. The big one costs three and a half million dollars and comes from Russia. From the wife of Moscow’s mayor. What was it again?

That was something I suggested during the debate. Chris Wallace, your friend, would not allow me to pose that question. That, he argued, was unimportant. It isn’t, however, unimportant. But the best part is that he’ll collect a half-million bucks for each artwork. And it’s the first time he’s ever painted! He isn’t a creative person. He has never been painted. This is just a bribe…


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