[WATCH] Plot Twist: George Floyd’s Drug Dealer Just Made a Jaw-Dropping Statement In Court

In the Groege Floyd courtroom, things are starting to heat up.

Today was a huge day for a lot of reasons.

It’s worth noting that a police trainer testified that Officer Chauvn’s restraint of Mr. Floyd was not a “neck restraint.”

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Here’s what a BBC reporter said on Twitter: “#ChauvinTrial Sgt Mercil asked if he could see Chauvin’s head placement? Yes, indeed. In photo 1046, can you see Mr Chauvin’s knee between Mr Floyd’s shoulder blades? Sir, indeed. Is it true that this is a neck restraint? “Sir, no.”

The prosecution seems to be arguing that the restraint was a “shoulder” restraint rather than a “neck restraint.”

As a result, the “cause of death” will be called into question.

And that brings us to the day’s biggest surprise: the man who was in Floyd’s car (dubbed his “drug dealer” by Floyd’s girlfriend) declined to testify in court, pleading the 5th, because he is afraid of being convicted in Floyd’s case.

“THE BIG TWIST: Moories Hall’s lawyer claims that his client’s testimony could lead to a 3rd-degree murder charge (drug delivery resulting in death). Why does the State object to the prosecution calling Hall as a witness if the State’s legal argument is positional asphyxiation?”

She brings up an interesting point:


“ALSO IMPORTANT: Take note of the State’s refusal to grant immunity to Moories Hall. It seems to me that the State wishes to keep the prospect of charging him open in the future.



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