WATCH: Pete Hegseth Harasses a Pipsqueak Texas Democrat and Discovers the Real Reason They Oppose “Voter ID”

Do you want to watch a pipsqueak Texas Democrat get run down by a freight train of facts? So, there you have it; have fun.

As you may know, a handful of Texas House Democrats attempted to stop a vote on a “election integrity” law by fleeing the state on a private “booze” jet.

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They boarded the private plane, all smiles and a case of beer in hand, and flew to the DC swamp to “protest” voter ID legislation.

The vote was successfully held a day later.

That was such a pointless and costly “political stunt,” right?

When questioned about “voter ID” laws, these Texas PR stunt artists can’t seem to get their tale together.

Take a look at this baby-faced pipsqueak who was completely destroyed by Fox News’ Pete Hegseth.

He hasn’t been able to articulate why he opposes “voter ID.”

Pete gets to uncover the “true reason” Democrats oppose voter ID during the interview when he says the SSN rule’s last four digits…the that’s clincher here.

With that law in place, and it still being “fought tooth and nail,” it’s become brutally evident to everyone that Democrats simply don’t want people demonstrating who they are when they vote, and that’s frightening.

The following is a link to a video:

Is this little political youngster also aware that a “driver’s license” is not required to vote?

You can receive a state ID if you can’t get a driver’s license for whatever reason.

Why aren’t Democrats working to help the “hundreds of thousands” of disadvantaged people who don’t have an ID? Because you need an ID to live a regular and productive life in the United States.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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