WATCH: Newt Gingrich’s Bold Midterm Predictions!

We can hand Newt one thing – he was an isolated forecaster of the Virginia gubernatorial race. And look at his precise calculations and predictions!

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The Former Speaker of The House is a veteran in politics. He is now predicting a huge “red wave” in the 2022 midterm elections!

Hw had a very candid conversation with Judge Jeanine

“You brought the contract with America when you were speaker,” Judge Jeanine began. “And Kevin McCarthy I suspect will be speaker of the house in 2022. He has a parental bill of rights. The whole concept not only are we with parents, not only are we the party that wanted our kids in school while the private schools were teaching and the charter schools were teaching, and they were teaching in China and Russia. All the children our children will be competing with. But this bill of rights is a concept the parents are entitled to,” she added before giving the floor to Gingrich.

“I think Kevin McCarthy is on the right track,” Gingrich responded. “Last year he had his commit to the America. He recruited new candidates. Everybody who picked up seats last year was either a woman or a minority or both,” he added.

“Kevin was supposed to lose 35 seats. He gained 15. My guess is they will pick up between 40-70 seats in the house and at least four seats in the Senate,” the former House speaker predicted.

“Look what they are doing. Pelosi after they lost in 2009, turned right around four days later and tried and pass Obamacare saying publicly you have to vote for it to find out what’s tonight. She is doing the same junk. People are not going to vote for a Pelosi dictatorship. Between Biden’s collapse and Pelosi’s attitude, the Democrats are in a sense repudiating the country.

Pirro responded, “They are doubling down after the shellacking they took, they are saying we are going to go forward with build back better. We’ll spend our way out of this. I see this as a blueprint for disaster in 2022. You have the final word.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Newt’s predictions?


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