WATCH: Negative And Scared Michelle Ruined Good Morning America

Negative, overthinking, and always unsatisfied – Michele Obama’s everyday behavior.
You would imagine she would try to be different on live national TV, but, the answer is NO.

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She was a guest in “Good Morning America”, where she discussed Biden’s inauguration and her personal experience about that. She concluded that the day was glorious, but, that she personally as well as the other peoples were more frightened from more riots. So, basically, fear destroyed her day, as well as the whole day of the watchers of “Good Morning America”.

Damn, I miss powerful and confident Trump and his strong better half!

While appearing on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday morning, former First Lady Michelle Obama talked about her experience attending Joe Biden’s inauguration. While she described the day as “glorious,” she also claimed that “everyone was concerned about more riots,” as it occurred two weeks after the Capitol was stormed.

“What was it like for you to be there, to witness this historic swearing-in?” host reporter Robin Roberts asked.

“Well, it was a glorious day, the sun was shining, the mood was wonderful, but it was also mixed,” Michelle Obama replied. “I think everyone was concerned about more riots, but we were assured that things were under control. When you see fellow Americans storming the Capitol, that sits with you. That reality was with us on that stage.”

And this was recorded just one day after she posted this powerful strong message on Twitter.

Or, was it her who actually runs this Twitter account? Because she doesn’t seem like the strong powerful lady from these words….


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