WATCH: Monica Crowley Just Dropped a Brutal Truth Bomb on Biden Now That She Isn’t at Fox News…

Fox News appears to have a tight grasp on the majority of their conservative hosts and pundits. Remember how they suspended Judge Jeanine when she “stepped out of line”?

If they want to be a part of the Fox News family, most people appear to be on a tight leash.

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Sure, there are Fox News hosts like Tucker who perform cutting-edge reporting. But that’s his “brand,” and to be honest, he’s a rarity over there. He also hosts the network’s most popular show… Of course, Fox News could hire a bunch of “Tuckers” if they so desired, but they don’t. By their standards, one is more than enough.

Instead, you have a team of reporters and pundits who tread a fine line between appearing to be the “opposition” while not causing too much harm to the enemy. Fox News is eerily similar to the Republican establishment. A lot of softballs were thrown straight from the right field.

Take a look at what’s going on with Vice President Joe Biden’s mental health. If Fox were a legitimate journalistic organization, they’d be exposing Joe Biden’s mental problems all the time.


They aren’t.

However, Monica Crowley, a former Fox News contributor, is…

Monica left Fox News years ago, but she recently dropped a major truth bomb on Shaky Joe Biden.

Monica provided a shocking video of Joe Biden at an ice cream parlor in Michigan, when he demonstrated some of his scariest and most “shaky” conduct yet when he had to reply to queries from the media using what appeared to be “flashcards.”

It was a true “watershed” moment for Biden, and one of his most terrifying to date.

And Monica Crowley just tweeted about it, expressing EXACTLY what we’ve all been saying and thinking…

“Everyone sees it, everyone knows it…but no one is allowed to talk about it,” Monica said.

The following is a link to a video:

That was a courageous and bold bit of TRUTH for Monica to express, I’ll tell you what.

But I promise that if she had said that while still at Fox News, she would have gotten in trouble or been fired…

This article was originally published on WayneDupree.com and is reprinted with permission.


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