WATCH: Mike Pence Said 8 Little Words That Decided His Political Future

Mike Pence is a liar and a thief.

It’s that simple.

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He’s betrayed the folks who voted for him because they believed he was an honest, Christian man.

And because he believes you’re too foolish to see what a traitor he is, he’s reinventing himself as a “hero.”

That’s right, Vice President Mike Pence wants all Trump fans to know that he’s happy of what he did on January 6th when he slapped us all in the face.

Mike Pence is now attempting to turn around his PR disaster with some shady swampy politics, but it isn’t going to work.

Mike’s political fate has been determined by these eight small words…

There’s no turning back now: “I’m ‘proud’ of my conduct on January 6th”

Mike, are you serious? We aren’t.

“The presidency belongs to the American people, and the American people alone, and I will always be proud that on that sad day, we did our share to reassemble the Congress and perform our constitutional obligations. In this time, there’s more at stake than our party’s and our electoral fortunes. We will not just lose elections if we lose faith in the Constitution. We are going to lose our country. America needs the Republican Party to be the party of the Constitution now more than ever.”

Pence is pleased of his role in certifying an election that a majority of Americans believe was rigged?

Mike, you’ve done an incredible job; you’re a true hero.

The following is a link to a video:

The irony is that most Republicans feel the 2020 election did not belong to the people of the United States and was manipulated by a flood of mail-in ballots.

Is Mike tone-deaf to the point where he can’t even relate to the congregation to whom he’s preaching?

What chance does an egotistical, illiterate man like that have of becoming a leader?

He is unable to do so. It’s not going to happen.

Mike Pence is politically dead to the majority of Republican voters, and if he doesn’t realize it yet, he will soon, and it will be a harsh reality check he deserves…

And believe me when I say that I will be VERY PROUD when that day arrives.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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