WATCH: Maxine Waters Avoiding Being Served by Joe Collins Who Accuses Her Of Illegal Voting Practices

In 2022, Republican Joe Collins will run against Democrat Maxine Waters for the second time for her Congressional seat.

He had two concerns with Waters the first time around in 2020, for which he is suing her. Carlin and Collins have portrayed Waters as shady in the first action for defamation, which was dismissed and appealed, according to his legal counsel, Michael Douglas Carlin, and the second lawsuit for election meddling in 2020.

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The Gateway Pundit quoted Joe Collins as saying:

“Maxine Waters is evading service of papers, refusing to accept legal paperwork no matter where I try to find her. Her office staff has stated that they will not accept her, and she is nowhere to be found.”

Carlin went on to say that he had videotaped himself attempting to serve Waters in her Los Angeles office, her California estate, and even her Washington, D.C. office. He couldn’t find her, and her office personnel refused to take his papers.

On his YouTube page, he has three-part video evidence of his claim.

The first video in Carlin’s three-part series is particularly compelling since it plainly demonstrates that Waters’ office staff is lying and refusing to collect the legal papers.

Collins filed a defamation case against Waters after she spent “$700,000″ advertising a blatant lie about Collin’s military service, alleging he was dishonorably discharged. Except for a Democrat judge seeking re-election in a largely Democratic district who is shielding Democrat Maxine Waters, Carlin told Gateway Pundit that the case is a slam dunk.

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“The defamation case has now become a Veteran Rights issue, and it is simply because Collins was either dishonorably discharged or not, and we are now taking it all the way to the Supreme Court. His DD214 shows that he received an honorable discharge. Joe is dedicated to defending all veterans. If we let that one stand, anyone may point to Collins v. Waters and claim that lying about a Veteran’s service is acceptable.”

Waters refuses to be served in the second lawsuit, which is an election case. Carlin is upbeat about the matter, claiming that what transpired was illegal. Carlin told the Gateway Pundit that he and Collins are prepared to appeal the initial ruling to the US Supreme Court as well.

“I’ve attempted six times to serve Maxine Waters. We had a hearing today, and another one will be held in 60 days. In California, signatures for mail-in ballots are required to be validated by law, yet none of them were. Although I believe the office was overworked and understaffed, they were unable to verify signatures, it is still prohibited. Two other people were served without issue in that case. This is a rather common scenario. The Mail-in Ballot Boxes were left unattended at night, no one was looking, and anyone might have loaded them, making the situation perfect for fraud.”

“Maxine could have utilized the government’s ability to learn about my background, but she didn’t. I came closest to beating her than anyone else, and she is terrified of me. I want to improve education and reintroduce jobs to this community. Here, we’re concentrating on engagement. Maxine has never met a single person in her district. I do, and I’m a resident of this city.”



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