[WATCH] Marco Rubio Does Something That Saves His Entire Political Career

With his latest pass, Marco Rubio may have just saved his entire political career.

Marco has never been an outspoken supporter of “America First.”

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Marco has never been a fan of Donald Trump. And for a while, he was flinging Trump under the bus whenever he could.

However, this was not bode well for Marco’s political future, so he began to change his tune.

He’s been a “reluctant” supporter lately, going along to get along and avoiding making waves.

That’s fine, but milquetoast nonsense isn’t going to cut it.

We’re fighting a full-fledged war for our country, and casual observers aren’t going to cut it.

But what Marco just said about this (fake) commission on January 6th is exactly the kind of stance I didn’t expect him to take.

As you might be aware, the Democrats intend to establish a commission to investigate the events of January 6th – this is purely a political step, as we all know.

Left-wing groups like BLM and ANTIFA are burning the world down, and Democrats are yawning about it because it doesn’t serve their political interests.

They’re enraged, though, at the sight of MAGA grandmothers walking around the Capitol.

It’s yet another tactic in their arsenal to hold President Trump down; after all, they used the event to ban him from any social media platform from here to Timbuktu.

The bill was approved by the House – with 35 traitorous Republicans voting with Democrats – and is now on its way to the Senate.


Margaret Taylor

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