WATCH: Man Pulls Gun Post Antifa Assault in Oregon

A man pulled a gun on Antifa demonstrators outside the state capitol in Salem after they tried to attack him and vandalize his car, according to Oregon State Police. The man who pulled his gun after being pepper-sprayed by Antifa was not arrested.

A group of Antifa demonstrators armed with pepper spray and batons surround a man whose truck had just been vandalized, according to video tweeted by self-described Antifa Press journalist Melissa “Claudio” Lewis. Antifa demonstrators claimed to have shot paintballs at the man’s windshield at first.

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The man’s truck has several flags and is painted with red, white, and blue stripes. On the side of his truck, he has a Vietnam Veteran tag. Antifa demonstrators in all black gear, helmets, and body armour surrounded the man as he left his truck and walked around the back, brandishing pepper-spray cans. Long pipes or batons were used by some Antifa supporters. The man retreated to the vehicle’s driver’s side.

Showers of glass can be seen coming from a right-rear window that had just been shattered by Antifa at the 24-second mark in the video. A sticker on the window read, “Don’t Portland my Oregon.”

Hearing the glass shatter, the man walks around the car, evaluating the damage. Someone off-camera appears to spray the man with pepper spray at 32 seconds. He shakes off the spray and takes out a gun he had hidden. He loads a round into his gun and keeps it by his hand, shouting at the Antifa demonstrators to disperse.

“Get away from me,” the man screams, his non-gun hand extended. He begins walking back around the back of his vehicle, his pistol still pointed at the ground.

When a police officer arrives on the scene, he orders the man to put his gun down. He obeys by securing the handgun in the bed of his truck.

He is directed to the ground by the officer.

Independent Media PDX tweeted a second video that shows the incident from a different perspective. The sounds of Antifa hitting the truck can be heard repeatedly in this video.

Police query the man after letting him up from the ground, according to a video tweeted by @ViolaBLM. The videographer is enraged that the white man was not shot by police. He’d be dead if he was black, she says.


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