WATCH: Lindell Is Going To Give Dominion “A Little Scare”

Beware from the sharpness of his mind and tongue!

Mike Lindel, My Pillow’s CEO and Pro-Trumper was recently interviewed by Steve Bannon in WEarRoom, where he discussed many different political issues. During his interview he commented the 2020 elections, stating that “the 2020 election was the biggest cover-up in history” and followed it by saying that “President Trump won Arizona by over 80,000 votes!”

Mike then took aim at Dominion Voting Systems and said he was going to give “Dominion a little scare” and then stated that he has obtained Dominion machines.


Warrom covered the story, stating the following:

“This is the biggest cover-up probably in history,” Lindell said of the stolen election. “It’s so massive.”

Lindell says evidence shows Donald Trump won Arizona by at least 80,000 votes, and puts Dominion on notice.

I’ll give Dominion a little scare,” he said. “We have machines now. I do.”

Lindell said he will continue to lay out all the evidence on his platform Frank, and previewed his Mother’s Day rally with Lin Wood, Bikers for Trump at 3 p.m. in South Carolina.

On Monday, Lindell will re-launch his new social media platform Frank in Mitchell, South Dakota.”


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