WATCH: Laura Ingraham Sent Vax-Crazed Lawyer Dershowitz Back To School!

And packed his bags on the way! And you can tell by Alan Dershowitz’s face that he knows she’s right, but he’s afraid to speak out loud!

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Look, I’m not saying that the COVID virus doesn’t exist and that it is not a terrifying experience for certain individuals. But I’m saying that the fear of COVIDis far more pumped than the actual COVID threat. Like, for example, there’s a huge difference between patients that died “WITH” COVID than patients who actually died “FROM” COVID… Can you see the word game? And there’s a huge difference, by the way!

It pays off for the media and news outlets, and it certainly pays off for the Government and their future plans.

Here are some reports.

“Meanwhile, the “vaccine” was sold to the American public like it was a get out of jail free card, and would give you immunity from the virus.

But that’s never been the case. This is not technically a “vaccine.” It’s more like a flu shot with a hot-rodded mRNA component grafted on. An unpredictable mRNA component, to boot.

So these so-called “breakthrough” cases are not really “breakthrough.” This was bound to happen because it’s not a magical “immunity” from COVID.

But it was presented that way to the public, and Harvard Law ‘geniuses’ like Dershowitz bought it, hook, line, and sinker, and now he’s lost his last marble.

Alan Dershowitz appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show, where he tried to claim that it’s “Constitutional” to force all Americans to take this vaccine.”

You can watch the video below:

All that fear on Alan’s face – why? And just look at Laura – she’s so smooth and chilled-out, and she’s tearing him with her arguments!

Who looks like a bigger and more expensive lawyer, as a matter of fact?


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