[WATCH] Kentucky Derby Crowd Does This to Dem Governor

Have you noticed that the American people are sick and tired of Democrats and establishment Republicans around the country?

Newsom is being recalled from office. Cuomo is a jerk that the whole country despises, and Whitmer will be recalled.

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And do you recall when baseball season began? Many of the Democratic governors and mayors who attended the games with “soft seating” were booed.

Mitt Romney was recently booed in his home state of Utah, and Nikki Haley’s name was booed at a GOP conference not long before.

And now, at the Kentucky Derby, the Democratic Governor has been booed.

Consider this: it’s a strange way for the American people to treat a political party that they ostensibly support so much that they elected a man from it with an unprecedented “82 million votes,” isn’t it?

Nonetheless, here we are.

Anything “Democratic” is being rejected by the American people. From liberal award shows to “woke” sports and businesses, there’s something for everyone. But the number-one source of opposition is Democratic lawmakers who press for these restrictions and mandates, as Kentucky’s governor has done.

That’s probably why he was booed.

Watch the following video:

That’s great.

People in the United States should express their frustration so that lawmakers can see, hear, and feel it.

However, we must do more.

These individuals must be removed from their positions. It is our responsibility to vote out these ineffective politicians and replace them with competent elected officials who will represent our interests.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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